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Achim Stößer


"I refuse it, I refuse it, I refuse it!'' yelled Schönberg. "You may have the money, but this movie is my mind's child, and disgusting artificial computer beings don't have a place in it.''

"This freak of nature may have its source in your sick mind, but, without my financing, it will be a stillbirth,'' Kloße replied. "You are behaving as if synthactors could be distinguished from actors. In contrary, real people at best belong to high school theaters.

Schönberg's reddened face became one nuance darker. "Don't you understand? Computer simulations are not the real thing.''

Kloße took deep breath. "I'd really like to know what is that interesting about the year 1997. This wave of historical movies has been bothering me for a long time. All these costs! Anyway, if you don't want to have a simulation, the street scene must be cancelled. Forty automobiles, thirteen bicyclists without helmets -- there aren't that many stuntmen left in the world!''

January 26, 1994

This story was published (in German) in an article on computer graphics and animation(i).